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Helmut has extensive experience and qualifications in Business and Commercial lending...


Commercial Property

Helmut's experience in business and commercial banking, along with his professional qualifications, makes him probably the most experienced commercial mortgage broker in the Redlands. Whether its new premises for your business, or an investment, we can assist you in purchasing a commercial property.

We have had experience funding:

  • Small commercial strata units.
  • Design-construct multi-purpose commercial properties.
  • Purpose built factories.

If your business is going well but you don't think you have enough money to buy your own premises, talk to us. It may be possible to fund 100% of the purchase price by using a structured finance approach, or perhaps residential property as supporting security.

Regardless of your circumstances, we will seek the right solution for you and negotiate the best deal on your behalf.


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Business Finance (buying or expanding a business)

The term “Business Loan” is a very broad term and includes many possible forms of funding.

What’s right for you will depend on:

  • The type of business.
  • The nature of your balance sheet.
  • If you’re just starting or you’ve been operating for a few years.
  • Whether you have security and the nature of that security.

Once we understand this, we can match you with the bank that’s right for you and negotiate the business loan structure and terms on your behalf.

The path from A to B may not be obvious, so let’s start with a conversation about what you want to do and work through some strategies on how to do it.

businessloanbroker businessfinancebroker

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Property Development

We have experience in funding property development from townhouse projects ranging from 3 to 75 units, to mixed use commercial developments with GRV’s of over $10,000,000.

Our key strengths are having a good understanding of the development process, and understanding what banks and other funders are comfortable with.

We take the time to understanding the key strengths and merits of your proposed projects, matching it to the most suitable funders, and packaging all the pertinent information in a brief for the funder to consider.

Consider us your key professional advisor as we tend to every aspect of your finance from conditional approval right through to issuance of titles and sell down of the project.

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Equipment Finance

Yes, we arrange equipment finance. But Redlands Mortgage Solutions is more than just an equipment finance broker, we take the time to understand your broader and long term objectives. That's important, because getting the wrong equipment finance now can create an obstacle for your future plans such as buying a home or investment property, or expanding your business. So talk to us about funding your next equipment or vehicle purchase, it should be done with your broader financing objectives in mind.

Equipment finance is simply a form of funding for the purchase of a chattel (movable asset) and is usually in the form of Chattel Mortgage, but may also be Hire Purchase or Finance Lease.

Some assets that are suitable for equipment finance are:

  • Cars and utes.
  • Earthmoving equipment.
  • Wood chippers.
  • Electrical equipment.
  • Shop or office fit-outs.
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Cashflow Finance

Cashflow finance, commonly referred to as Debtor or Invoice Financing, is simply a means of borrowing against the value of your outstanding receivables.

If you have a business with significant capital tied up in “receivables”, then cashflow finance can be an appropriate business loan to help fund business growth or to release capital for other purposes such as acquisition of property.

But beware, some cashflow funders can be more trouble than they’re worth. As an experienced finance broker, we know which ones will be good for your business and which ones to be avoided.

We’ll take the time to understand the strengths of your business when it comes to debtor or invoice financing, talk you through your options, and match you up with the best solution.

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Stuctured Lending

When it comes to finance, everything financial is interrelated. That’s why it’s important use an experienced commercial finance mortgage broker who will take a holistic approach when forming a finance strategy.

There are two areas which can limit your ability to get the finance you need, and one is often traded off for the other. They are Capital and Cashflow.

Here’s what we look at when putting in place a structured financing strategy:

  • Your current business situation and future plans.
  • Your current personal situation and future plans.
  • Your priorities.
  • Your current financial structure – business and personal.
  • Which aspects of your finance structure are inhibiting you from achieving your objectives.

We’re then in a position to structure a solution for your overall financing objectives. This may well involve more than one funder because different funders have different strengths and products.

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