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Business People

Business People or self employed

We have made a name for ourselves as the preeminent mortgage broker for self employed and business owners in the Redlands. That’s because our principal, Helmut Berger, had a career in business and commercial banking before establishing Redlands Mortgage Solutions. He also holds a Bachelor of Business in addition to his Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management and other business finance qualifications.

This gives Helmut the skills to get the best home loan solution for self employed people, and it’s the reason why a large proportion of our clients are self employed business people.

There are two reasons for his success.
  • Firstly, he has a deep understand of financial statements and business structures and knows what the banks are looking for. He knows how to present your business in the best possible light to the banks.
  • Secondly, he knows which banks are more favorable to business owners when assessing them for a home loan. He has good relationships with those banks and is able to have an intelligent discussion about the merits of your application.
Combined Business Finance

Your business may also have funding needs such as cash-flow, equipment, or property finance. It’s important to look at your objectives holistically (business and personal) to make sure your most important objectives are given priority. That’s another reason to use a skilled mortgage broker for business owners – to get the right overall outcomes for you and your business.

So make an appointment to have a conversation with Helmut about your business and personal finance goals. He has the smarts to find the right solution for you.