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Commercial Property

Commercial Property Loans

If you’re seeking commercial property finance for the purchase, construction, or refinance of an existing loan, then give us a call to discuss your plans.  We have experience in funding:

  • Individual commercial strata units.
  • Retail and office buildings.
  • Multipurpose properties.
  • Large purpose built commercial properties.
  • Construction of commercial properties for investment or owner occupied use.
  • Self Managed Super Fund property loans.

Depending on whether you will occupy the premises with your business, lease it out, or a combination of both, the approach to finance needs to be tailored to your particular circumstances and objectives. Success in getting the best commercial property loan for you depends on a having the right strategy from a commercial property finance expert.

Different banks have different requirements when it comes to commercial property loans – Redlands Mortgage Solutions has the smarts to determine which banks will be most competitive for your business.

Here’s the basic distinction between owner occupied and investment:

Owner Occupied

The bank will want to see that you have the ability to meet the repayments from your profits. So we’ll get a good understanding of your past financial performance and the future outlook to put the best case forward for your finance application.


If the commercial property is to be occupied by a third party, then the bank will typically want to see a lease or leases in place. Alternatively, you may be able to demonstrate other sources to repay the loan.

Whatever your intended objectives or circumstances, have a conversation with us to explore your options and find the best commercial property loan – Redlands Mortgage Solution, we’re experienced, trusted, and local.