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Business Finance

Business Finance (buying or expanding a business)

If you’re buying or expanding a business, you don’t just need a loan, you need a funding solution.

The path from A to B may not be obvious, so let’s start with a conversation about what you want to do and work through some strategies on how to do it.

Firstly let’s look at the purpose of your loan. For example to:

  • Expand or grow your existing business.
  • Purchase an existing business.
  • Start a new business from scratch.
  • Purchasing a franchise.
  • Free up capital for other purposes.

Next, let’s look at your circumstances and objectives:

  • Your past performance and experience.
  • Your plans and forecasts.
  • Your available cash or equity (this may not be apparent to you).
  • The type of business you’re in or wish to enter (different business are suitable for different types of funding).

Next, let’s look at some funding alternatives such as:

  • Term loans, overdrafts, lines of credit.
  • Cashflow finance (or Debtor Finance).
  • Equipment finance.
  • Franchise loans.
  • Leveraging off your residential property.

Some sound professional advice with your interests heart and centre can be the key ingredient to success. So talk to us about where you want to go, and we’ll deliver a plan on how to get there.