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Property Investment


Mortgage Broker for Property Investors

If you’re looking for an experienced and skilled mortgage broker for property investors – Redlands Mortgage Solutions should be your first stop. We continue to assist many investors throughout Australia with building portfolios of investment properties.

The key words when it comes to property investment are objectives and strategy.

We’ll first sit down with you to understand where you are now and where want to go with property investments, and how you are looking to get there. You’ll find that from our experience in assisting many people build property portfolios, we can assist in developing your strategy.

Your objective may be to simply have one or two investment properties and reduce your debt steadily over time, or it might be to aggressively build a portfolio of investment properties. Regardless, one key criterion is to look for properties which will give future uplift in value and provide good returns over time.

When it comes to the financing side, there are some key considerations to take into account to make the loan structure as tax effective as possible. We’ll talk you through this.

A key advantage we have in providing the best solution to achieve your objectives is that we are not tied to any particular bank or funder. That’s because by spreading your loans among several key funders, your borrowing capacity can increase significantly. This allows you to build your portfolio faster.

If you’re interested in building a property portfolio, or would like to have your existing loans reviewed for optimal structure and value, call us for an appointment so we can sit down and work through it with you. Good professional advice at the outset can save you a lot of money in the future.